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Leave Tree Removal to the Experts

Trees are a very beautiful addition to any garden or yard, and can add stunning colour and shape to your landscape. With so many different species of tree to grow in your garden, choosing the ones you want can be a problem. If you are starting with a blank canvas – and looking to plant […]

Let Rattan Rule Your Garden

  Make The Most Of Your Garden With Stylish And Durable Rattan Furniture Replacing your garden furniture is a great way to transform your garden. Choose rattan for comfortable, attractive furniture that will stand the test of time. Summer may be over and winter within touching distance, but it’s never too early to start planning […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Kratom


How safe is kratom to use? Like many things, the key to how safe kratom is to use is how responsibly it is used.  There is a possibility that kratom can become habit forming if over used, but this is not the case when taken occasionally.  It is recommended that kratom only be taken once […]

Fancy a Smallholding? Plant Some Trees First

tree planting

If you’re planning to start a smallholding – a few goats or sheep, some chickens and maybe a cow – you should first think about providing them with natural shelter and shade as well as their barns and coops. Trees perform these functions really well and they also look great. No-one wants their animals stuck […]