Creating the perfect man cave in your shed


A shed has traditionally been a man’s sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the family home. Tucked away in the garden, it has historically been seen as the perfect place for DIY, tinkering with tools, messing about in the garden, or simply getting away from the stress of domestic life.

While women might prefer the bath, living room or bedroom, for the traditional bloke, his shed has always been his castle. And while everyday life is arguably busier than ever, with everyone needing more personal space as a result, habits – and, some might say, men themselves – have changed.

In this age of technology, a man is more likely to want somewhere cosy, well lit, smartly decorated and electronically connected, compared to previous generations who may have craved nothing more than a rudimentary space for tools, tinkering and tea.

Today, a rusting, rickety shed stuffed full of junk or old gardening equipment just doesn’t cut it. Enter the “man cave.” Today, it doesn’t even have to be outside; a spare room in the house can suffice.

Despite its connotations, however, a “cave” doesn’t have to be dark, dingy and damp. Taking a little time to design the space appropriately can make all the difference and turn your space into a real haven.

Firstly, consider light and heat. A true “cave” will be cosy but appropriately lit, so you’ll need to think about heaters, plug sockets and light fittings. Depending on your use of the space, you may want dimmer lighting (for gaming or movie nights, for example), but those wanting more of a study or workshop may want brighter light, such as spotlights or floor lamps. And calling it a “cave” doesn’t have to equal rustic or rudimentary: design elements using natural materials such as Real wood shutters can help transform the look of a space, making it look cared for and lived-in without losing its masculine edge.

Colour should also be considered; try greys or neutrals for a calmer space, or bolder touches for a space that packs a visual punch. Exterior sheds can be coated in masonry paint to give them additional clout, while traditional wooden sheds can be covered in all kinds of stains and varnishes for that extra sheen.

Whether inside or out, modern man caves can benefit from a bit of decorative warmth – try wall art, doormats, luxurious sofas or chunky rugs to add interest while keeping things cool. Electricity, even outside, is a given, and super-sleek man caves might even benefit from internet, a wall-mounted television or even a brilliant sound system so that you can listen to your favourite tracks in peace.

For those hoping to entertain their mates in a man cave, you could even use MDF or plywood to construct your very own bar or fancy sideboard.

In today’s modern times, there are as many male interests as there are men, from the traditional gardening obsessed blokes to those who love nothing more than getting into a good book. From a study to a gaming pod, when it comes to creating your very own “man cave”, the possibilities are endless.

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