How to have the best garden party

So, its a hot summers day in England (very rare I know), but when the sun is out there is nothing better than throwing a garden party. We have put together a list of things that will make your garden party the best one you have ever had


Nothing says English garden party quite like Pimms. Its easy to make, refreshing and you can even make a nice none alcoholic version for the kids, or for those that are driving.

A hot tub

I know you are thinking, how on earth do I get a hot tub. Well, inflatable hot tubs are now becoming more popular that ever. This is because they can be deflated and stored away as the likely hood is you will only use them a few times a year.


Even if you dont own a BBQ, you can pop down to your local supermarket and get one of the disposable ones. These are cheap, easy to use and you can throw them in the bin. I use these all the times as its saves having to scrub the grill on a BBQ.


Its always good to have a few games. A badminton net, twister or a croquet set will go down well with your guests.

So there you have it, above are a few things which will make sure that your party is a success. If you need some more outside equipment check out some reviews here.


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