How to Make a Small Backyard Feel Bigger

How to Make a Small Backyard Feel Bigger

Working with a small backyard can be very frustrating to anyone. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their outdoor space and use it to participate in the activities that they love, like playing sports, entertaining guests, or planting a lavish garden.

Even though it can be difficult, there are a lot of ways to craft a backyard of any size into the perfect space for all of these activities. Every family can use these ideas to not only make their backyard more enjoyable, but to also add value to their home. Here are some ways to make a small backyard feel bigger.

Secure the space

The first concern to worry about is making sure that everyone feels safe while they are in the backyard. Additionally, no one wants to put a lot of work into their outdoor space only to see it vandalized later. Having a great home security system from ADT in Columbus GA is one of the best ways to ensure the backyard and everything inside it will be secure.

Make a grand entrance

A good way to give a great first impression to anyone walking into the backyard area is to create a grand entrance. This can set the tone for the entire space and trick people into thinking that the area is a lot more extravagant than it really is. Consider installing an archway or some rows of flowers to lead the way.

Create diagonal lines

The lines of a space, inside or out, can trick the mind into thinking the area is bigger or smaller than it actually is. People can use this trick to make their outdoor areas seem bigger. For example, diagonal lines are much longer than lines that run along the edges of the space, so instead of laying down stone pathways along the edges or in line with them, try using a diagonal pattern to trick the eye.

Break the space up into zones

Making use of a small space can seem impossible, like there is not enough room for all the features that a person wants to include. The best way to include everything without making the space feel cramped is to break up the area into different zones. This will separate each area to make it more useful and create the illusion of more space in between.

Use bright colors sparingly

Bright colors are more welcome in outdoor areas than they are in any room of the home. A lot of people want to take advantage of all the bright colors in furniture, plants and other accessories that they can use in their backyard. However, too much bright color can be overwhelming in a small space. Choose only a few different colors and spread them out to add space in between.

Connect to the indoor space

Another great way to actually add more space to the backyard is to connect it to the home. Having a room of the house that seamlessly connects to the outdoor area can make both spaces feel bigger and more useful.


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