How To Make Homemade Garden Markers And Labels




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Don’t Just Leave Your Mark….Paint It!

Years ago, a marker was developed under a brand name that shall not be mentioned, but might I add that this marker was and still is notorious for its quasi-permanency. Why the “quasi-” prefix? Think about that jar of home-canned green beans from the year 20?? that you cannot read because the permanent marker has worn off…..

Fast forward from a few years ago when permanent markers were consumers’ best resource for labeling anything. The 21st century boasts a product with much more resilience and perpetual quality than these markers. Take a step in a positive direction and try paint markers instead of permanent markers. Paint markers are much more durable in the face of elements such as weather, particular under duress from liquids and solvents; their resiliency even combats age successfully.

Add to all these qualities the small yet huge word FUN and it is easy to see why paint markers have many advantages over permanent markers. Furthermore, paint markers come in an array of colors, from subtle pastels to bright vivid colors that add life to a project. The viscosity, texture, and nature of the liquid itself all add to the visual appeal of the product

Creative uses for paint markers are endless. Following are some examples:

  • Dig into your children’s old, used, and over-populated toys come springtime! Children love seeing their precious treasures becoming guardians of your annual vegetable garden! Use each toy to mark the rows. For example, use paint markers to write “Broccoli” on the dinosaur that will guard the broccoli row; scribe “Radishes” on the little steamboat with another paint marker, and let that non-Breyer horse announce its vigilance over the row of “Corn” (we all know a horse loves corn).
  • Think “Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!” Almost anything that can be decorated can be adorned with paint pens! Jean jackets, blue jeans, T-shirts, furniture (yes, furniture), pet headstones, pet rocks, bicycles, and more;
  • Mark grocery items with paint pens to indicate purchase dates, expiration dates, targeted purposes (e.g. Joey’s lunch, Emily’s birthday party).
  • Finally, why not make an “Art Wall?” An Art Wall is any solid, accessible wall in your family home that can be the recipient of your family’s creativity. The wall need only be painted with a neutral color before your family members add their own monograms. The only caveat will be the decision to paint over it eventually, especially if the family home is later sold. But nothing, absolutely nothing, can take away that memory. And it’s all possible with these fabulous paint pens.

In conclusion, visualize for a moment the messes of yesteryear that have been produced by paint brushes and liquid paint; imagine those days of scrubbing permanent marker ink off your three year old’s appendages! These are no more. Paint pens combine the beauty of paint with the convenience of directed application not offered by brushes.

On your next supply shopping venture, be sure to obtain some paint pens! They can be found at almost all of your local craft stores, variety stores, drugstores, and large discount stores. They are also more economical than purchasing regular acrylic or Latex paint. Your products that need labeling will be glad that you did.

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