How to Make Your Garden Buyer Friendly

different aromatic pot plants on terrace

An attractive garden can make your property more appealing to prospective renters and buyers. Here are some tips for making your garden look its best.

Make it clean

Gardens have a tendency to become cluttered and unattractive if they have not had regular maintenance. Previous tenants might have left items scattered around or outbuildings and sheds may need de-cluttering. Any garden improvement should start with picking up and throwing out miscellaneous rubbish.

Weeding and dead plant removal

You may have a beautiful garden hiding in the weeds. If you have plants that are still alive and you think are worth saving give them a fighting chance by thoroughly weeding around them. Applying attractive mulches will go a long way to preventing the weeds from coming back and add a professionally landscaped touch. If your garden has been neglected too long you might want to just have the whole space dug over so you can start afresh.

The importance of garden furniture

If you have comfortable and attractive garden furniture prospective buyers or renters will find it hard not to imagine what it would be like to sit and relax on a warm summer’s evening. Older lawn furniture should either be repaired and refurbished or replaced. Arrange furniture around a focal point such as a beautiful flower bed or arbour.

Consider landscaping trends

If edible landscaping is popular in your neighbourhood then you should consider incorporating this sustainable gardening trend into your own outside space. Many herbs and spices also make very attractive plants and are easy to grow.

Lawn space or other landscaping?

While lawns are popular they require a lot of care and attention over time. That doesn’t mean you should have no lawn at all but you should definitely consider how practical it is to maintain a very large area of grass. Flower beds, vegetable gardens, etc., can be maintained with mulches and little weeding.

Sheds add bonus indoor/outdoor space

If you already have a shed on your property you should imagine what it could be like with a bit of loving care and accessories. Sheds can be super cool hang-out spaces for teenagers or younger children. They can also be converted into art studios or small office spaces. Of course, your shed can be used for its original purpose, storing tools, accessories and garden furniture during the autumn and winter.

Add partitions

You can get more out of your garden space by installing partitions such as arbours or trellises. This is a great way of creating the illusion of more space and designating unique areas of your lawn and garden.

Your target demographic

If you want your property to be attractive to families you might consider adding a small playground area to your garden space. If your target demographic is older you may opt to make your garden more attractive to those with disabilities by improving paths with paving or making surfaces skid proof. No matter what your target demographic might be Belvoir Lettings Lincoln can help you find the perfect tenant for your beautiful home and garden

If you are looking to rent or sell your property be sure to spend some time making your garden as attractive as possible; it can make all the difference

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