Let Rattan Rule Your Garden




Make The Most Of Your Garden With Stylish And Durable Rattan Furniture

Replacing your garden furniture is a great way to transform your garden. Choose rattan for comfortable, attractive furniture that will stand the test of time.

Summer may be over and winter within touching distance, but it’s never too early to start planning your garden for next year.

When it comes to garden furniture, there is a whole world of choice out there, from basic plastic furniture to classic wooden pieces and intricate metal designs. But for a stylish, modern look with durable finish, the smart choice is rattan garden furniture.

If you’re looking to upgrade your garden, changing your garden furniture can really help to give it a new lease of life, whether you want a space for garden parties and al fresco socialising, or simply a peaceful haven where you can relax and get away from it all.

Stylish and Versatile

Rattan is a member of the palm family native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia, and its peel is commonly used to ‘weave’ furniture together. Rattan furniture first appeared in Britain in the late nineteenth century, but it has had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years.

One of the key reasons for this is the relatively recent development of good quality synthetic rattan which lasts much longer than the real thing. It’s also lightweight and comfortable, and its natural appearance fits perfectly with today’s outdoor furniture trends.

Rattan furniture comes in a range of designs, from small bistro sets, through to dining tables and large modular sofas, perfect for lounging in the garden on sunny days. So, whatever the size of your garden you are sure to find a rattan furniture set that fits.


One of the key advantages of rattan is that it is extremely low maintenance in comparison to other garden furniture materials. Unlike wood which needs regular care and attention to keep it in top condition, rattan furniture simply requires a wipe with a damp cloth and it’s good to go. And it’s long-lasting. A good quality rattan furniture set with aluminium frame and top grade plastic weave should last you up to 25 years!

Although it is durable, rattan furniture should be stored under cover during the winter months. Happily, it’s very lightweight which means you can easily move it to new locations as and when required. What’s more, rattan furniture looks just as good in your conservatory as it does on your patio, so you can move it indoors when the cold weather comes and enjoy your furniture all year round.

Choosing your furniture

While rattan can be a great choice for your garden, not all rattan furniture is made equal. So, when you go shopping there are a few things to bear in mind to help ensure that you select the best possible products.

While PVC rattan tends to be the cheaper option, PE and HDPE rattans are tougher, more weather-proof, resistant to mould, and more eco-friendly. So, if your budget allows, it’s usually best to go with this type of product. You should also look for furniture that has been UV stabilised to minimise cracking or fading under the sun’s glare. And, as we mentioned above, aluminium frames are very long-lasting, so always go for these over the cheaper steel versions which are prone to rust.

Last but not least, don’t forget to measure your garden before you make a purchase. It may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget, and the last thing you want is to end up with an amazing rattan sofa which is too big to fit on your decking!

Finishing Touches

Once you have your furniture, don’t forget to add those all-important finishing touches to really make the most of your garden. Adding waterproof, removable cushions to your furniture will add comfort and a splash of colour, while clever use of lighting, such as twinkling fairy-lights or solar-powered lanterns, will help create a pleasant ambience, enabling you to enjoy your garden long into the summer evenings.

So make the most of the winter months to plan out your garden and decide on the rattan pieces that work best for you. Whether you’ve got acres of land, or just a small patio, you’re sure to find some great rattan garden furniture that you can enjoy into next summer and beyond.

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