LOVEThESIGN: Designer Garden Tools

A well designed garden, surely needs well designed garden tools and decorations.

Just because something is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be an object of beauty, and created into an item that is more than its function.

Italian designers at LOVEThESIGN have come up with a sleek yet highly functional set of gardening tools and plant pots.

We have put together a few of our favourite for you to enjoy.

Giardino Orte set by Internoitalia

Giardino Orte set by Internoitalia

The subtle earthy colours and modern design of the Giardino Orte set created by Giulio Lacchetti, would suit any garden, but especially one with an already modern contemporary design.

The set consists of a shovel, hoe and rake and is made out of polished metal. If you are like me and need to know where everything is when you go to reuse it, there is also a wooden base to store the garden set in.

Kiwi watering can, Idro watering can and Noon plant holder

Untitled design (14)

The design of the Idro watering can has a classic retro feel. The designers have also made a point of producing an item that is in every aspect environmentally friendly. From the Idro watering cans construction, function, and through to its form (flared top to collect rain water).

The Kiwi watering can, on the other hand is more of a contemporary design, made by A di Alessi, it is one of the brands belonging to the leading Italian maker Alessi.

Nonogiorno who make the Noon plant holder by hand in Italy, uses two materials (steel & methacrylate), to create one-off designs in a revolutionary way.

Diva watering can by Adi Alessi, Mirtoon water hose and nozzel by Zee Garden and M3 white shelf by Nonogiorno

Untitled design (15)

Colour is an important part of design and for people with gardens and even balconies, colour can bring their outdoor area to life.

What could have been seen as an everyday uninteresting item, has been brought from the back ground to the forefront by talented designers.

The items above are just that, they pop; they add a modern and contemporary look and add that something special.

Carry On wheelbarrow by Officinanove

The Carry On wheelbarrow by Officinanove is so beautifully designed that I would be tempted to purchase two – one as an ornament, the other for practical use.

Yes the Carry On wheelbarrow is a highly functional and useful wheelbarrow, and comes in a number of colours: red, orange, and white. With the frame made from Solid oak/ash wood and the barrow is made of varnished steel.

According to LOVEThESIGN “Officinanove creates innovative elements for contemporary living. It designs lights, accessories and objects inspired by the constantly evolving needs of everyday life, both in taste and efficacy. Its product range stands at the intersection between craftsmanship and modern industrial production”.

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