Say It With Flowers

The practice of giving flowers to express our human emotions dates back to before recorded history and, it still remains just as popular as it was in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, or China. Somehow, no matter what occasion, when we are at a loss for words to convey our deepest feelings towards another, flowers seem […]

Choosing the Right Type of Garden Pond

There are some great reasons for getting a garden pond fitted at home. For instance, as well as being an attractive feature in the garden, it can also provide a place for local wildlife to gather. The sound of running water and the sight of a lovely pond can really turn any suburban garden into […]

Which Potatoes to Grow in Your Garden

We all love potatoes and they are among the easiest vegetables to grow at home. They are also so versatile that you know that you will find a way of eating them all, even if you plant a lot of them. However, which varieties should you grow in your garden if you choose to do […]

What to Do When You Go on Holiday?

Having a garden to work on gives you a great hobby but it does make things a bit trickier when you want to go on holiday. After all, you aren’t going to miss out on your holidays in order to look after your garden. Equally, you won’t want to come home and find your garden […]

A Summer House – Should You Get One?

The idea of having a lovely summer house in the garden is very tempting, isn’t it? This is the kind of wonderful place where you can enjoy your garden in comfort, carry out your hobbies and feel far away from the stresses of the world. I have often thought about getting a summer house of […]

The Rise of Garden Pubs in the UK

You have probably already seen something about the incredible rise of garden pubs in the UK in recent years. The idea is that you build a small pub in your garden and use it for fun nights with your friends. This is a fantastic way to use up some empty space in your property and […]