Tips For Choosing Garden Tools


If you are interested in taking better care of your garden, you need to purchase the right tools for the jobs you need to do.  In gardening there are various tools that have specific applications.  Although your budget will determine the quality of tool you are able to purchase, you should always look to buy the best quality you can with ergonomic designs made from durable and sturdy materials.

In the following article you will find some handy information about what to look for when buying specific gardening tools.  Use this as a guide to help to avoid choosing the wrong tools and wasting money. Although you can find good quality gardening tools from DIY stores, if you are unable to get to one but can get to your local Tesco, or look online you will be surprised at the quality.

Spades And Shovels

Spades and shovels are the main tool used in home gardening for removing and digging into earth.  Although the names are used as if they are interchangeable; spades and shovels are actually different tools with different applications.  While shovels typically have broad bottoms and are used to move loose materials; spades have sharp cutting edges that are designed to be used to dig into dirt.  Whether you are looking for a shovel or a spade, you should always look for one with a blade made from very durable materials such as drop forged hardened or stainless steel.

Spading Forks

When you need to prepare the soil in your garden to create flowerbeds, you need to use a good quality spading fork.  Forks are used to till soil and break up and separate dirt clods.  Their long handles provide leverage to turn the earth and the sharp tines penetrate deeply into ground.  You need to look for a garden fork made from rigid and durable materials, such as robust wooden handled tools for heavy duty work and tines made from drop forged hardened steel.


Hoes are also tools that are used to till the soil and help create furrows for planting with a sharp edge.  Although a basic tool, choosing a badly manufactured  tool made from inferior materials can cause you more problems than the lower price tag is worth.  As with the other tools listed above, the best quality hoes are made from durable materials such as robust wood for the handles and hardened steel for the metallic end.

Cutting Tools – Secateurs, Garden Scissors Loppers

When you have to do some cutting in the garden, you need to choose the right tool for the right job as there are various cutting tools of various sizes available.  Garden scissors and secateurs are used mainly to trim sturdy stems on plants, while shears are used to trim the leaves and narrower branches, stems and branches of plants such as privets, shrugs and hedges.  Long handled cutting tools such as loppers are used to reach up high on trees when they need to be trimmed.  Regardless of whatever job and whatever specific tool you need, you should always look for items made from durable and strong materials.  Hardened steels for the blades and ergonomic handles made from robust plastic and wood are usually the best choices.



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