What You Need When Holding a Garden Party


A garden party can be a great way to spend time with friends and family when the weather is fair. To ensure you have a good time you will want to do much of the preparation and planning well ahead of time. Here are some of the ways to make your party one to remember.

Send invitations well ahead of time

It is hard to have a party without guests and it may be difficult for people to find the time to socialise as much as they would like. To ensure a good turnout it is best to send invitations a minimum of two weeks ahead of time. If you are planning a particularly large or lavish event you may consider sending them out a month in advance or more

Good seating arrangements

Garden parties are about being social and the way you arrange seating should foster this. Site chairs in circles around tables. This will encourage mingling and help your guests make new friends. You need plenty of space for people to relax, but don’t spread seating out over too great an area. You may find it helpful to have a focal point, such as a fire-pit

Artfully arranged food

Presentation matters, so instead of serving food on just any bland plate why not choose a beautiful set of real crystal serving ware that displays its colour and beauty? Many cooking websites offer instructions on how to artfully arrange appetisers, main courses and deserts. Plan out your menu as soon as you can to ensure the various offerings complement one another.

The small touches

Making your tables attractive is easy with glass vases. With many different colours to choose from, Dartington bottle vases make an attractive and elegant addition to any table. Display a variety of flowers in different coloured vases for a stunning presentation. Brightly coloured table clothes help add new life to a tired table.

Great beverages and glassware

All that socialising and eating is bound to make your guests thirsty, so be sure to plan for a variety of beverages to cover all tastes. Although cocktails, wine and beer are all part of many parties don’t forget to put out plenty of non-alcoholic options as well. Sparkling water can look good in a champagne glass and is a good option for those that don’t drink. A variety of glassware is a necessity for any well-planned garden party, especially if you aim to serve speciality drinks.

Bringing the party inside

You should have an inside space set up for people to eat in case of bad weather. Alternatively, you might consider renting a special event tent. This will ensure that the party will go on no matter what. Your dining room can be easily transformed with simple and elegant décor, but you will also need to plan for seating arrangements in case of inclement weather. It also gives your guests somewhere to relax if they don’t want to be outside the whole time.

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