Which Potatoes to Grow in Your Garden


We all love potatoes and they are among the easiest vegetables to grow at home. They are also so versatile that you know that you will find a way of eating them all, even if you plant a lot of them.

However, which varieties should you grow in your garden if you choose to do this? There is more choice in this respect than you might think that you will find.

In fact, you may not know that there are supposedly over 4,000 different varieties of potato grown around the world. This is a staggering total, although many of the different types are unique to the Andean region.  However, there are just a few main varieties that you will be interested in. To make it easier to understand, these are divided into 4 categories.

First Early Potatoes

These can be planted from the end of February all the way through to the end of May and are ready to be harvested just 10 weeks after you plant them. These usually give you small new potatoes. They are a good choice if you want to grow your potatoes in containers and plan to get planting early on in the year.

Second Early Potatoes

In this case, you can plant the second early potato varieties any time from March through to the end of May. With these potatoes, you will need to wait 13 weeks from the planting date before harvesting your crop. Second early potatoes also give small, new potatoes. They are also well suited to growing in containers or bags.

 Maincrop Potatoes

This type of potato can be planted from March until the middle of May. They will give you bigger potatoes, which makes them perfect if you plan on baking or roasting them.  These take about 20 weeks to get ready for harvesting. Ideally, you will grow these potatoes in the ground, as they like to have more space to grow into like this. However, if you need to grow them in a bag or container you can do this as well.

Second Cropping Potatoes

Finally, this type of potato is ideal for harvesting in time for Christmas dinner. They can get planted in bags or containers at the start of August and will be ready for harvesting 11 weeks later. One issue to bear in mind is that due to the time of year you will want to protect them from the frost and really cold nights. This means that having a shed or greenhouse to put them into on a cold night is a very good idea. Get it right and you will have some delicious home grown potatoes in time for the festive season.

Of course, within each of these categories you will find a number of different types of potato. These all vary in quality and are each suitable for different uses. For examples, some will be better for potato salads while other will be ideal for mashed potatoes or for putting into the oven.

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